8 Note to Instructors

Greetings Instructors,

Welcome to the Open Educational Resources (OER) collection for Introduction to Literature.

This collection is not a “course.” It is a collection of materials designed to assist instructors in teaching and presenting the concepts of Introduction to Literature. Instructors are urged to pick and choose the items that will add to their lesson plans; then instructors can make these items available to students through the LMS, in-class presentations, or even as hand-outs. The material can be used in conjunction with other items instructors find or prepare, or the material can be used as a sole source for the class.

This collection is designed to be helpful for programs or regions that choose not to require students to purchase an actual textbook. Literature anthologies are usually large, cumbersome, and expensive—and most of the literature in the bought anthology cannot be covered in a one semester class. This collection is low cost and easy to access.

The information is divided into 2 major categories:

  1. Information and activities that give students background and terminologies for studying literature
  2. A collection of literature including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama

While the information provided is complete and ready to use for an Introduction to Literature course, it is NOT considered all-inclusive. Instructors can use these Creative Commons licensed items any way they see fit. However, instructors can also supplement with their own lessons and ideas.

This collection is also a continuous work in progress. We are able to add to this collection easily, keeping it timely, fresh and ever-improving. We are open to new items and ideas.


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