34 Instructions for completing the Research Portfolio assignment

  • Research Portfolio: There are 5 research designs you are required to address for this assignment.  There is a discussion forum devoted to each design:
    • Survey
    • Correlational
    • Quasiexperimental
    • Experimental
    • Qualitative
  •  You must submit a research article (or the link to a research article) which exemplifies each research design. In addition to facilitating the discussion of the articles you submit, you must participate in the discussions led by the other students.

Your initial post in each discussion forum must contain:

  • a working link to the research article, OR
  • the article as an attachment, OR
  • paste in a copy of the  article

As soon as you submit your initial post, reply to it with the following information (not all articles will contain all of this information):

  1. Identify the research as Basic or Applied – and justify your conclusion
  2. Identify the population of interest
  3. Identify the sampling procedure and the sample
  4. Identify the independent and dependent variables
  5. Identify the hypothesis
  6. Discuss any ethical issues
  7. Identify the research conclusion
  8. Discuss any theoretical implications

You are to facilitate the ensuing discussion of your research article.  Make sure all of the salient issues are fully discussed.

In addition to facilitating the discussion of the article you submit, you must be an active participant in the discussion of the other articles submitted.


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