7 Key Action Verbs


Achieved Acted Activated Adapted Addressed
Administered Advised Aided Allocated Altered
Analyzed Applied Appraised Approved Arbitrated
Arranged Assembled Assessed Assigned Attained
Authored Audited Balanced Billed Briefed
Brought Budgeted Calculated Carried out Catalogued
Chaired Clarified Classified Coached Collaborated
Collected Communicated Compiled Completed Composed
Computed Conceived Conceptualized Conducted Constructed
Contracted Consolidated Controlled Convinced Coordinated
Corresponded Counseled Created Critiqued Customized
Dealt Decided Defined Delegated Delivered
Demonstrated Described Designed Determined Developed
Diagnosed Directed Dispatched Devised Drafted
Earned Edited Educated Eliminated Employed
Enabled Encouraged Enforced Enhanced Engineered
Enlisted Established Estimated Evaluated Examined
Executed Explained Expanded Expedited Extracted
Fabricated Facilitated Familiarized Fashioned Filed
Forecasted Formed Formulated Fostered Founded
Gathered Generated Guided Handled Harnessed
Identified Illustrated Implemented Improved Incorporated
Increased Influenced Informed Initiated Innovated
Inspected Inspired Instructed Interpreted Interviewed
Introduced Invented Investigated Launched Lectured
Led Listed Listened Maintained Managed
Marketed Mastered Mediated Moderated Modified
Monitored Motivated Negotiated Observed Operated
Organized Outlined Overhauled Oversaw Participated
Performed Persuaded Pioneered Planned Prepared
Presented Prioritized Produced Projected Proofread
Proposed Processed Programmed Promoted Provided
Published Publicized Purchased Received Recommended
Reconciled Recorded Recruited Reduced Reevaluated
Referred Rehabilitated Rejected Renegotiated Repaired
Represented Reorganized Reported Researched Resolved
Restored Retrieved Reunited Reviewed Revised
Revitalized Scheduled Screened Selected Served
Set Goals Set up Sold Solved Spearheaded
Specified Spoke Stimulated Streamlined Strengthened
Structured Summarized Supervised Supported Surpassed
Surveyed Tabulated Targeted Taught Teamed with
Tested Trained Tripled Transformed Translated
Upgraded Updated United Utilized Validated
Verified Volunteered Wrote



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