6 What to Include in a Resume

  • Contact Information
    • If using your cell phone number as the primary way to contact you, be sure you have a voicemail set up and you will not change your number prior to the call for an interview.
    • Use a “professional email.” A form of your name or initials and numbers.
  • Objective
    • If you wish to include an objective on your resume, be specific. The objective should clearly note the position you are applying for with the company.
  • Education
    • Be sure to list the institution you have received your education from as well as the dates of attendance. Your degree or certificate should be accurately and completely noted. (Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree in General Studies; Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Paralegal Studies; Certificate in Medical Office Coding and Procedures; Career Studies Certificate in Phlebotomy)
  • Experience
    • Include the company, your title and dates of employment. Use action verbs to describe the duties you completed.
  • Additional Sections May Include
    • Professional Certifications/Licenses
    • Skills or Abilities
    • Volunteer Experience or Community Service
    • References


Proofreading Your Resume

  • Your resume should be one page. If you extend to a second page it should include your name and a page number.
  • Check for consistency.
    • Headings should be the same size, color and format.
    • Institutions and Employers should appear consistently within the headings.
    • Depending upon your resume layout, you may need to ensure justification of text or dates for consistency.
  • Spell check.
  • Double check to ensure phone numbers are correct.
  • Remove repetitive statements.
  • Ensure complete sentences.


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