67 Research Overview

The next few modules of the course address one problem (the same problem).  You will learn how to investigate and solve a problem by researching the problem, reporting the data, and offering solutions.

The problem must be a practical problem, one in which you have a personal impact on solving. First, you will collect analysis and recommend solutions to the problem.  Second, you will gather external research on how companies like yours solved similar problems and report your findings. Third, you will compile the findings from your investigation into a Feasibility Report or Proposal on solving the problem. Fourth and last, you will write a Persuasive PowerPoint Presentation that outlines your research solutions.  

Remember that this is not a typical research paper, where you research an issue and simply report the research.  Therefore, do not choose issues like changing laws, fighting wars, drug usage, or global warming, among others. While these are important issues and you can certainly offer solutions, they are too broad for you to have a personal effect on their changing.  They would fit the definition of writing a typical research paper to research the issue and write a research paper reporting you findings.  

Your problem for this course needs to be a practical problem, one in which you will  have a personal effect on changing.  The problem does not need to be a real problem. You can create a scenario and work from that. We will develop and narrow our problems together as the course progresses.

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