57 Reports Overview

In this learning unit, students will learn about writing 4 major kinds of reports:

  • Instructional Descriptive Reports
  • Instructional Prescriptive Reports
  • Classification Reports
  • Partition Reports

Home Business Report CoverThe Instructional Descriptive Report is a 2nd Person Instructional Report, meaning that it is written using the 2nd person voice (the understood “you”) and tells its reader how to do something.

The Instructional Prescriptive Report, on the other hand, is a 3rd person Process Report.  It is written using the 3rd person voice (employing the pronouns he/ she/ it/ they) and tells how something is done.

Classification Report classifies similar items into categories according to related components.

Partition Report divides a single item into categories.

The findings of reports are often presented through live interactions in a workplace, and so this unit includes preparation for an informative/instructional presentation as well.


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