74 Videos: Molecular Chemistry and VSEPR Theory

How to Determine Molecular Geometry

This video describes one method for quickly finding the major geometrical shapes for simple molecules.

Orbitals: Crash Course Chemistry #25

In this episode of Crash Course Chemistry, Hank discusses what Molecules actually look like and why, some quantum-mechanical three dimensional wave functions are explored, he touches on hybridization, and delves into sigma and pi bonds.

Introduction to VSEPR Theory

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory is a tool that helps predict and describe the shapes of many molecules.

VSEPR Theory Practice Problems (Advanced)

Here are a whole bunch of VSEPR practice problems for molecules that have 5 or 6 things around the central atom. We’ll look at how to solve VSEPR structures and determine bond angles when you’re given a Lewis structure. These are the shapes that we’ll talk about in this lesson: trigonal bipyramidal, see saw, T-shaped, linear, octahedral, square pyramidal, and square planar.


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