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This sociology course was curated by Lumen Learning and based off of the OpenStax Sociology course, whose contributing authors can be seen here.

This course opens the door to students in their understanding of how to research and engage with the field of sociology. A wealth of performance assessments and writing assignments qualify students’ understanding of the material. Key concepts include the sociological imagination and perspectives, scientific research methods, culture and society, socialization and interaction, deviance, crime and social control, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender, sex and sexuality, marriage and family, religion and education, health and aging, urbanization, the environment, government, work and the economy, and media. Faculty members may also readily adapt the course’s OER content to include new developments and research to equip students with what that they need to have success in their sociological journey.

This text is modeled after OpenStax Sociology 2.0 although it includes more recent social updates and events, including the legalization of same-sex marriage. A few of the chapters have been reorganized and/or combined. Nothing from OpenStax is excluded (except introductions, summaries, and outdated content in certain places), but instead, sections have been broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks for students and aligned with learning outcomes. The content has been enhanced with examples, tons of videos, and more application. Each module also includes a “Why It Matters” introductory page that introduces students to the importance of the concepts in that section as well as a “Putting It Together” page that reviews many of the concepts from the module.



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