1 Directions for “The Interview” Questions

I’d like you to answer the following questions:

Where are you from originally, presently, or lately (if you’ve been moving around)?

What is your major or area of interest?

What made you enroll @ HCCC?

What job(s) have you had or do you have presently?

What do you do for fun or what is your pastime(s)?

How big is your family (i.e. children, siblings, extended family, etc.)? 

In order to complete this assignment, In lieu of writing out your answers directly, I’d prefer that you record a video of yourself answering these questions instead and share other tidbits you’d like us to know about you. Being that we live in times where technology is more user friendly than ever, and given that you’re enrolled in online courses (or at least this one), I felt that this would be a more interesting and entertaining medium by which to accomplish this assignment.

That said, you’ll need to create a google account, if you don’t have one already, then open YouTube (and sign in with your existing or newly created google account), then record the video itself (use either your computer’s/laptop’s built in camera or your cellphone), and then upload it in YouTube. You will be prompted to create a channel upon attempting to upload your video. Please follow the directions therein, create a channel, and eventually you should arrive at a screen that looks like this:


You’ll note that there are three different privacy options to choose from. Public means that anyone can see it. Unlisted means that your video will not come up in search results. Only those who know the link can view it, and you can share the link with anyone. Private means only those you invite to view the video can view it. Your video will not come up under any search results or your channel list. If you try to share it with someone who wasn’t invited, they will not be able to connect to it. For the purposes of this assignment, please choose Public or Unlisted otherwise, you’ll need to invite every single classmate and me if you make it Private.

If you’re still confused as to how to accomplish this task, please visit this helpful link from YouTube

The very last step is to now copy the web address of your uploaded video from YouTube (the one in the browser bar) and open the discussion board that follows these directions. Please embed your video for us by clicking on the film icon in the tools (if you mouse over it, it will read “Insert/Edit Embedded Media”) which looks like this:

You will then be brought to a pop-up screen. Repaste the address of the video where it says “File/URL” and finish by clicking the “Insert” button on the bottom right. Your video should now be embedded in the discussion board.

After completing all of these steps, I’d ask that you revisit the discussion board over the course of the start-up week and reply and comment to at least 2 other posts/links.

I’m looking forward to your submissions!


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