15 Other Experience Essay Topics

The following are topical matters (fairly broad ones) that I have seen over the years or are topics that would work for an Experience Essay. These are merely meant to be suggestions, particularly if you are stuck or unsure of what you want to write about still. Take these as just that…food for thought.


Experience Essay Subjects

  • Weather/too fast/too brazen…I got into an accident
  • Fight with parents/someone else…I want(ed) to leave
  • Friend/bf/gf has a problem…what do/did I do?
  • Last/biggest game of the year…what happened?
  • No boundaries…I took a risk and it did/didn’t work out
  • Everybody leave me alone…too much drama in my life
  • Last days of HS…what happened?
  • First days/weeks of college…do I like it?
  • Special place…what’s the story with it?
  • Parent problems…mom and dad just don’t understand me
  • Special relationship that persevered/soured over time
  • Too many expectations…I grew up too young/early
  • Something crazy/unexpected happened…how did I deal with it?
  • When I was younger, but now…how has my perspective changed?


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