27 Issues Essay Topics

The following are topical matters that I have seen over the years or are topics that would work for an Issues Essay.  I will let you write this essay on any topic, so long as it fits the idea of being argumentative in nature and entails having to persuade your reader to authenticate your perspective.  That said, the only 2 topics NOT ALLOWED are the legalization of marijuana and abortion.  Everything else is fair game.  Below is a series of topical statements that might work.

Please notice that there is a disclaimer here (somewhat tongue and cheek) as these are written as loaded statements.  They are written this way to provoke conversation, but are not my actual thoughts.  The following is the disclaimer:

The following statements contain controversial information and are intended only for the individuals present in this virtual classroom and do not reflect the opinions of Mr. Brown.  Do not take these statements or the topics they cover if you are also debating other issues as these statements may cause unsafe interactions with the topics you are already considering.  If you have a response lasting more than four hours, please consult with your physician or another healthcare provider immediately.

My point is that I don’t want you to jump down my throat if you take issue with the statements’ thoughts.  These are merely meant to be suggestions, particularly if you are stuck or unsure of what you want to write about still.  Take these as just that…food for thought.



Controversial Subjects for the Issues Essay

  • Somebody needs to police the internet because what one can find online is appalling
  • Parents should have to be licensed before having a child together or independently
  • Smoking is disgusting and should be banned everywhere so the public can be healthier
  • Affirmative Action creates an unqualified workforce because businesses have to fill a quota
  • Genetic engineering is a good idea because we can eventually eliminate disease
  • We don’t need to worry because global warming is mythical and a non issue
  • All juveniles that commit murder, or any serious offense, should be tried as an adult
  • Bullying is a problem on the increase and we need to find a fix sooner than later
  • School shooters are obviously influenced by violent video games and television
  • If we can humanely euthanize animals, we should be able to do so with humans too
  • Illegal immigrants should not receive the same benefits/advantages as legal residents
  • Reparations, for some, would help solve the economic inequities created by past practices
  • Welfare reform is necessary to alleviate the problem(s) of people abusing the system
  • Once a person turns 65 years old, he/she should have to retake the driving exam every year
  • All students deserve an equal education and testing them continually assures that
  • Obesity is becoming prevalent in this country and we need to find a solution fast
  • In the interest of the equality of sexes, women should be allowed to serve in combat
  • Prostitution should be legalized to lessen the burden on police forces in this country
  • Hydrofracking is a good way to get natural gas that consumers would otherwise be without
  • Animal testing, before the marketing of products designed for humans, is an ethical practice
  • Employers should be allowed to use social media posts in evaluating their employees
  • Universal healthcare will help to solve the plight of those without health coverage
  • We need better sex education in schools to alleviate the growth in teenage pregnancies
  • Everyone should be an organ donor, especially if they value other human lives
  • College athletes should be paid based on their athletic skills and/or performances


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