22 Other Compare/Contrast Topics

The following are topical matters (fairly broad ones) that I have seen over the years or are topics that would work for a Compare/Contrast Essay.  These are merely meant to be suggestions, particularly if you are stuck or unsure of what you want to write about still.  Take these as just that…food for thought.

Compare/Contrast Subjects

  1. Then and Now

– High School vs. College (what’s alike/different?)

– You psychologically changing through time (coming of age story)

– Relationships (in the beginning/middle/end)

– Sports experiences (different teams & times)

– Changes in society with you involved (norms, technology, music, etc.)

– Future (your present versus your future life…or what you imagine it will be like)


  1. College(s)/Major(s)/Career(s)

– Where did you look before enrolling here? (list all the schools and factors you considered)

– Where do you want to transfer? (list all the schools and factors you will consider)

– What is your major or will it be? (did you switch yet or will you?)

– What job will you hold in your field of study? (different paths you could take)


  1. People and Places

– Relationships (different people you know)

– Locations (places you’ve lived or traveled to)


  1. Other

– Hobbies/Interests/Pastimes (different aspects of your passion(s))



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