13 Experience Essay Freewrite #1

The idea of freewriting is to simply write without stopping to edit or structure your composition. I would ask that you follow this same logic in creating your freewrite here. I am going to post two prompts and I would like you to write to one of them. Try to disregard (or move past) any spelling, grammar, and/or mechanical issues when writing a freewrite. You also need not paragraph or structure this. Just simply write and keep writing. It’s bound to have some of these same issues, but you might be surprised how your ideas flow more easily and any freewrites you do are designed to help you potentially find a topic for the essay unit. That said, please write (over a 10 minute period) to one of the following:

  1. Think of a place that had special meaning to you as a child. What did it look like? Who was there? What happened there? Paint a vivid picture using as much description as possible to help your reader “see” this place as you did or do.
  2. Think of a time when all your prior knowledge or understanding of how to handle a situation didn’t help you. Perhaps a time when you felt like you couldn’t rely on what you thought you already knew or understood. What happened? What was the outcome?


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