16 Module 1 Assignments

Discussion 1

In what ways is the notion of communication competence helpful? How can you assess your communication competence? How can you increase your communication competence? (List at least 2 specific steps/strategies for improvement.)

Journal Activity 1: Who Am I?

Complete this journal activity to help you assess how you self-concept aligns with how others see you.

First ask: How do I see myself? List the skills, abilities, knowledge, competencies and personality characteristics that describe how you see yourself. List as many characteristics in each category as you can think of. What you have developed is an inventory of your self-concept.

Second ask: How do others see me? List the skills, abilities, and so on that describe how you think others see you by completing these sentences:” Other people believe that I am skilled at ….,”; “Other people believe I am competent at doing ….”; and “One part of my personality is that other people believe I am …”.

Compare your two lists. How are they similar? Where are they different? Do you understand why they differ? After you have thought about each list, write a paragraph titled “Who I Am, and Ho I Know This.” Your paragraph should be 300-400 words in length.


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