27 Module 2 Assignments

Discussion 2

How does one’s cultural identity (or sense of belonging to a particular group) affect our attitudes towards others?

Journal 2: Understanding Your Cultural Values

For this activity, you have to interview the oldest member of your family and then try to understand your family’s influence/effect on the formation of your own cultural values. Please answer the following questions:

  1. When did you ancestors come to the U.S? (If your ancestors were native people, then when did you first learn about your ancestors’ culture(s)?)
  2. Where did they come from?
  3. What were the reasons for their move?
  4. What language(s) did they speak?
  5. What difficulties did they encounter?
  6. What were their occupations before they came, and what jobs did they take on their arrival?
  7. Did they change their names? Why?
  8. How has your family status changed through the generations?

Write a 2 page (typed, double-spaced, font Times New Roman, size 12) summarizing your findings.


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