42 Module 3 Assignments

Discussion 3

Edward Sapir, a linguist, once said, “People who speak different languages live in different worlds, not the same world with different labels.” How do you explain this statement? Does you textbook agree or disagree with this statement? Please provide at least two examples for the textbook to support your answer.

Journal 3: Nonverbal Rules

Choose a cultural space that you are interested in studying (e.g., club, gym, concert, church, etc.) Visit this space on 2-3 occasions to observe how people interact there. Focus on one aspect of nonverbal communication (e.g., eye-contact, touch, proximity, etc.). List some rules that seem to govern this aspect of nonverbal communication. For example, if you are focusing on proximity, you might describe, among other things, how far apart people tend to stand when conversing. Based on your observations, list some prescriptions about proper/expected nonverbal behavior in this cultural space. Write a 500-750-word report summarizing your findings and recommendations.


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