15 Book Share Discussion Board Assignment

For this discussion you will be sharing one book you found when completing the Finding Books assignment and explaining how you think it will help you with the research topic you’ve chosen to focus on this term. Please develop your post according to the directions below. You will also comment on 2 of your classmates’ posts. I hope you all enjoy our book share!

  • Introduce your research topic to the class and explain why you want to continue research it throughout the rest of the term. Also, explain why you think your topic is significant and could be helpful for others to understand. What I’m trying to get you to think about is how better understanding your topic could help your community and/or people on a larger or more global scale. I’m sure we can all agree on the importance of thinking about how our research interests and work can make a positive impact.
  • Share the book you selected and explain why you think it will help you further research the topic you’ve chosen. Be sure to provide the following citation information for your book:
      • Title
      • Author
      • Publisher
      • Year of publication
    • Write 3-5 sentences about a particular chapter or part of the book that looks interesting to you, as it relates to your topic. You are not expected to have read the entire book — I just want to make sure you browsed/skimmed the table of contents and other major parts of the book before deciding to select it.
    • Share about your search strategy and process (3-5 sentences). In other words, while looking for books related to your topic, what search strategies from the book tutorials did you try? Do you feel more confident searching for books? Are there things about book searching that you are unsure about? If you have uncertainties or questions about book searching, this is a great place to get advice and feedback from your instructor and classmates! 🙂
  1. Please respond to two of your classmates’ posts (3-5 sentences per response).


Please post your book share to the discussion board by 11:59pm on Friday, and respond to two of your classmates by 11:59pm on Sunday. This way, everyone has the weekend to view and respond to each other’s book shares.



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