7 Week 2 Journal Assignment: Exploring Your Background as a Reader

This journal assignment asks you to share your reflections from the “Effective Reading” video tutorial and share about your personal history and identity as a reader. You are also being asked to reflect on your understanding of how developing critical reading strategies is integral to conducting research successfully. This type of self reflection is also intended to help you gain a more holistic understanding of yourself as a learner.

Please include the following in your journal entry:

  1. Your reading reflections (thoughts, questions, and meaningful quotes) from the  “Effective Reading” video tutorial. Your reflections should include a minimum of 8 sentences, bullet points, and/or questions.
    2. Your responses to the following questions regarding your reading history (1-3 sentences for each)
  • What support have you had (if any) for your development as a reader?
  • What challenges have you faced at various stages in your life as a reader?
  • How would you like to further develop as a reader, considering your academic, professional, and other personal goals?
  • How do you see developing your reading skills as helping you strengthen your research skills? (If you are still unsure about this, that is totally OK — you can write about this uncertainty. This is a complex question and one we will be exploring throughout the term, so please don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure how to answer this question.)

Please remember that I (the instructor) am the only person who ever reads or sees your journal entries.

This assignment is worth 20 points and is due by 11:59pm on Sunday.


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