19 Week 5 Discussion Board Assignment: Article Share and Research Update

  1. Please share with the class about the articles you found on your research topic, explain your searching and reading comprehension strategies, and discuss how these articles will help you continue with your research. Please answer the following in your post:
    • Remind us of your research topic.
    • What 2 articles did you select about your topic? Be sure to include all citation elements from your Article Exploration assignment.
    • What new things did these articles teach you/make you aware of about your topic?
    • From the new things you learned, what would you like to explore further about your topic?
    • How did the contents (topics covered) and writing style of the scholarly article you chose differ from that of the news or magazine article you chose?
    • What search techniques helped you locate your articles? Include the different search terms you used, the limiters (e.g., peer-review, publication date), and subject headings that related to most to your research topic.
    • What specific reading comprehension strategies did you use/find helpful for understanding the articles you chose? Perhaps you used different strategies to read the scholarly article versus the news or magazine article you chose.
  1. Please also respond to at least one of your classmates. The idea here is that you learn different strategies from one another and share how your research is developing. Talking with colleagues in this way about your research helps you think about your topic on deeper levels and can open your mind to new ideas and strategies you hadn’t thought of on your own. This is yet another way we can all learn from each other in community.


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