2 Week 1 Discussion Board Assignment: Getting to Know One Another and Building Community


Please read the following instructions carefully. There are 4 parts to this discussion board assignment. Treat your discussion board posts as you would a paper assignment. It is important that you do your best to write in complete thoughts/sentences and be mindful of writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, etc.) to ensure clarity. If you would like assistance or support with your writing, please email me early in the week so that we can arrange a time to work together. I’m happy to work with you to strengthen your reading and writing as well as your research skills. I see all these skills as connected and integral to one another.

  1. In the first paragraph of your post (3-5 sentences) tell us about yourself (name you prefer to go by, major, and career goals).  Feel free to add anything else that helps us know who you are (what you like to do; places you’d like to visit in the world; something you’d like to change if you could, etc.). Also, if you are comfortable doing so,  please upload a picture of yourself so that we can attach a face to each other’s online presence.
  2. For the second paragraph of your post (3-5 sentences), explain how the video “5 Components of Information Literacy” made you think your own research skills and how you would like to strengthen them. Remember that research is a lifelong skill that can continually be improved upon, especially when we think about the many ways we use research in our academic, professional, and personal lives.
  3. For the third paragraph of your post, think about times — out of school as well as in school — when you learned something new. Write 3-5 sentences about what helped you feel comfortable about learning in that situation. Focus on what made the learning happen rather than the content you learned. I feel it is really important for us to better understand our own and each other’s learning preferences and styles as we work together this term as a class and learning community.

Your post (parts 1 & 2) is due by 11:59pm on Thursday (to allow time for you to respond to classmates’ posts — see below)

  1. Respond to TWO of your classmate’s posts (3-5 sentences per response). Do your best to be respectful and supportive of one another in your responses (refer to our course “Netiquette” guidelines).

Your responses to classmates are due by 11:59pm on Sunday. This assignment is worth 20 points (15 points for your post and 5 points for your responses to 2 classmates).



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