24 Week 6 Journal Assignment: Reflecting on “Evaluating Information” Reading and “Culture and Information Literacy” Video

For your journal entry, please include the following:


  • Two takeaways you selected from the reading on evaluating information (refer to your reading notes).  3-5 sentences
    You can directly quote from the reading (using the author’s words) or you can paraphrase (in your own words) your takeaways. Remember that takeaways can be anything within the text that taught you something new, made you think about something in a new way, raised a question for you, or stood out to you in any other significant way. If you decide to use direct quotes from the reading, be sure to place quotation marks around the quote(s) as a way to credit the author and so that it does not appear to others that the idea was yours.
  • Two takeaways from the “Culture and Information Literacy” video that you think will be helpful to remember when doing your own research. 3-5 sentences
  • Any questions or additional comments you have about the reading or video.




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