13 Week 3 Research Activity: Using Wikipedia for Academic Research

For this assignment you will be searching Wikipedia on your topic of Interest to gain background information and explore references to potentially useful and quality information sources. Please carefully read and follow the steps below. You will need to view the video “Using Wikipedia for Academic Research” before beginning this activity.

  1. Go to wikipedia.org and conduct a search on your topic of interest (the topic you wish to research this term).
  2. Read at least one Wikipedia  entry/article about your topic.
  3. Take notes as you read through the entry/article. Please include the following in your notes:
  • What are three new things you learned about your topic that you would like to research further?
  • What are key terms/words/phrases that you think would be helpful to use in order to further research your topic? (Please list a minimum of 5 keywords/phrases.)
  • Look at the references listed at the end of the Wikipedia  entry and explore a minimum of 2 that you think will provide additional and reliable information on your topic.
  • List the references you explored and explain what you found helpful about the information they provided. Please also explain why you find them to be reliable sources of information.
  1. Submit your notes to Blackboard as a .doc, .rtf, or .PDF format.

If you have questions about this activity or would like assistance, please post to our “Course Questions” discussion forum in Blackboard or contact me individually at knight_annie@sac.edu.

This assignment is worth 20 points and is due by 11:59pm on Sunday.


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