4 Icebreaker Module Instructions

Is the  format of this course the right fit for you?  The best way to find out is to give it a shot during this Icebreaker Module  before the course officially starts. This is practice and peace of mind for both of us that you are set to start the class. Based on my experience teaching this course online, students who do not complete icebreaker assignments are not successful  in the course.  This means if you do not wish to prepare and submit a draft of your speech and record yourself giving the speech in front of a live audience of 5 people, you should change your schedule now to a format or course that you are willing to meet the required assignments to pass the course.

 All Modules are organized and structured  the same way.  I have chunked content  into three folders called: READ,DISCUSS, and DO  If a module has two sections, a new listing of these folders will be available to you.  Always complete in the order given.

I also wish you to see how grades are posted, so in addition to getting comfortable, you will receive grades/points  for completing each assignment in the Ice Breaker Module.

Have a question? Click on “Talk with the Professor” at top of course home page and post your question. 

Module Learning Objectives:

1. To MEET me as your instructor for this course.
2. To GREET your classmates.
3. To COMPLETE assignments in Ice Breaker Module.

Meet, Greet, and Complete!  Time to get to work!  click on “READ” folder.


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