Persuasion Speech Draft Guidelines and Recommended Outline _____ / 30 Points

Draft Length:  3-5 pages typed. Full sentences. Time:  5-10 minutes.

Draft reflects targeting/tailoring information to our COM101 class.

Draft includes oral citation to a minimum of TWO sources. Sources recommended for each step. Draft may reference a visual aid, if planned. A visual aid is not required.

Outline for Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Note: The verbiage here is only meant to trigger the direction for each particular step of Monroe’s Sequence. Sources are encouraged in each step. 

I.  Attention Step-This story, video, picture, quote draws attention to a problem that needs to be addressed

Here’s a brief take on the backstory/context of this problem

I care about this problem because

We need to care about this problem because


II. Need-The problem

Here’s proof that this is a serious problem

Here’s how this problem impacts your life, audience

Some people say this isn’t really a problem or it’s already been fixed

I say they’re wrong, and here’s why Transition-

III. Satisfaction-Here’s the solution to this problem:

Here’s how the solution works:

Here’s proof that this solution does work to solve the problem:

Some say this kind of a solution won’t work.

They’re wrong, and here’s why: Transition-

IV. Visualization- Picture This

Picture how much worse off we’ll be if we don’t address the problem and imagine and/or  how much better the world will be once we put the  solution into place

V. Action-

Restate problem/Remind Audience of Attention Getter

Call to action that audience finds  practical and doable  and does not require unrealistic expectations of time/money/effort

I’ll leave you with this powerful thought, image

 Outline for Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Authored by: Ellen Bremen. Provided by: Highline College. Located at:  HYPERLINK “https://www.highline.edu/” https://www.highline.edu/. License: CC BY: Attribution

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