118 Icebreaker Website Assignment


  1. Use Google or another search engine to locate an article that interests you on the topic of Online Learning.
  2. Use your word processing program to write a brief review of the web article.
  3. Paste your review into the turnitin drop box.
  4. Examine your Originality Report in the turnitin drop box. (It takes a few minutes to be generated.)
  5. Paste your review into the ANGEL drop box  – this is where I would evaluate it if it were a graded assignment.
  6. Paste your review into the Website Review Discussion Forum – this is where you discuss it with other students.
  7. Participate in the Website Discussion Forum as in icebreaker assignment 1.
  8. Practice following The Two Cardinal Rules!

Icebreaker Assignment Grading Rubric:



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