There are no prerequisite courses for this course.  However, you must have and be able to use the following:

  • Basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, computing averages).
  • Technology:
    • reliable access to school email
    • reliable high speed access to the Internet (with a current browser)
    • MS Office software
    • access to additional software such as Adobe Reader, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, etc.
  • Computer skills:
    • create a new folder
    • save a file
    • cut, copy and paste
    • find a lost file on your hard drive
    • download a file
    • send and receive email (with and without an attachment)
    • participate in a class discussion forum
    • post materials and submit assignments in blackboard
    • use an Internet browser to search for information on the Web
    • set bookmarks for Web pages
    • save an image from the Web and create a new folder for it
    • view audio and video files

If you feel you lack any of these, read through the syllabus thoroughly before you begin your coursework.  You should find the assistance you need there.


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