104 Discussion: How’s It Going?


You will evaluate your current fitness program and your progress, and share helpful information with your classmates.


  • Go to the Discussion Forum “How’s it Going?”
  • Tell us what’s happening with your fitness plans. Specifically address the following questions.
    • Any positives or negatives?
    • What results, if any, are you seeing in your fitness activities?
    • How have you used the principle of progressive overload up to this point?
    • Has your resting heart rate changed? And what does it mean?
    • Have you had to make any modifications in frequency, intensity, type or time (FITT)? And Why/why not?
    • What modifications are you planning to make to your exercise program?
  • Submit your original entry, then respond to two of your classmates. No attachments or activity logs, please! You can offer suggestions about something that is working for you, or let a classmate know that you will try something s/he is doing.


The assignment is worth 10 points maximum.

Your work will be assessed using the How’s It Going Grading Rubric:





Original entry

0 points 3.5 points

Up to 3.5 points if submitted late, missing answers to some questions listed in the assignment instructions, or less than 3 sentences long.

7 Points

Thorough entry addressing all questions listed in the assignment instructions and submitted by the deadline. Posting should be at least 3 sentences long.

Response to two classmates

0 points 1 point

Up to 1 point if late or response to one classmate only.

2 Points

Well-constructed responses to two classmates addressing the classmate original posting and submitted by the deadline.

Grammar and organization

0 points 0 points

1 Points


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