121 Discussion: Grocery Shopping


You will research and compare the nutritional characteristics and affordability of foods from various sources. You will discuss this information with your classmates.


Go to discussion board to complete this assignment. You will need to complete an independent experiment and then answer these questions based on your findings:

  • Pretend I gave you ten dollars to purchase food (in this pretend world there is no such thing as taxes).
  • Go to a fast food restaurant, look at the menu, and see how much you can purchase (I am not encouraging you to buy anything and I hope you will not).
  • Your items should include something to eat and something to drink. Make a list of everything you could buy.
  • Then, go to a grocery store and see how much you can purchase for the same ten dollars (again, I am not encouraging you to buy anything and you do not need to buy anything to complete this assignment). Again, make a list of everything you could buy.
  • For comparative purposes, the end meals should be as similar as possible. To make your comparison easier to see (for you and for your classmates), it is best to make your lists either side by side or one right after the other (a chart is a very good idea) before you begin your discussion.
  • Your discussion and comparison should include the approximate number of meals/servings you could make from your purchases, and should also address any differences in calories between the two.
  • Also suggest a similar but healthier alternative to these meals.
  • Submit your original response.
  • Respond to 2 of your classmates’ discussions. No attachments, please!

Note: You will not be able to see your classmates’ discussions until you post your own.


This assignment is worth 10 points maximum.  Your grade will be assessed based on the Grocery Shopping Grading Rubric:





Original entry

0 points 3.5 points

Up to 3.5 points if submitted late or missing parts.

7 points

Thorough entry submitted by the deadline. The entry must include food/drink items from both locations (fast food restaurant and grocery store) and the comparison addressing all discussion points listed in the assignment instructions.

Response to two classmates

0 points

1 Point

Up to 1 point if late or
response to one classmate only

2 Points

Well-constructed responses to two classmates addressing the classmate original posting and submitted by the deadline.

Grammar and organization

0 points 0 points

1 Point



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