96 Flexibility Readings


The readings here will help you to learn the definition for flexibility, and the guidelines that apply to flexibility training.


The rest of this chapter contains your reading for this section.

Additionally, information on these external sources will be useful to deepen your understanding:

  • Read the Summary of ACSM Guidelines
    • This is the same summary you read last week. This time, pay special attention to the flexibility exercise recommendations.
  • Read American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines
    • And here is the full length position stand again. Read pages 1344 – 1346 of the PDF version (you are not required to read the information on neuromotor training).
  • Review Health-Related Fitness Overview
    • Read Sections one, two, four, and five, focusing on the flexibility/stretching portions. You are not required to read the information on muscular fitness and resistance training at this point.
  • Read Stretching_Gale Encyclopedia of Fitness  (Alic, Margaret. “Stretching.” The Gale Encyclopedia of Fitness. Ed. Jacqueline L. Longe. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2012. 822-827. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Retrieved from  http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CCX4021200224&v=2.1&u=viva2_nvcc&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=8527f316e334c2933534cd4585ea95fc)
    • This article contains great information on the best time to perform static and dynamic stretches. This is important information, especially because many people believe they should perform static stretches prior to other exercises or worse yet, stretch cold muscles.  Read all the information under the blue heading “stretching.”
  • Read Flexibility_Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine & Health  (Boslaugh, Sarah. “Flexibility and Flexibility Training.” Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine & Health. Ed. James M. Rippe. Vol. 1. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Reference, 2012. 477-480. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Retrieved from  http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CCX1959000143&v=2.1&u=viva2_nvcc&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w&asid=378ab38b7121f6b11d7eadbf2486db04)
    • Read all the information under the heading “flexibility and flexibility training.”



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