30 Inserting an Image Information

Steps to insert clip art or picture:

  1. Place your insertion point where you eventually want the picture.
  2. Click on the INSERT tab and find the illustrations group.
  3. Click on the icon Online Pictures.
  4. A dialog box that may be similar to this one appears.
  5. This one says “Bing Image Search. In the little text box, type what you are looking for. In this case the word “horses” was typed in.
  6. Several pictures will appear. See example:
  7. Find the picture of your choice that will fit in the text box you created.
  8. Notice that the tab labeled Creative Commons only is highlighted. This site allows free downloads.
  9. Once a picture looks correct for the brochure, click in the upper corner where there is a small, white, square box.
  10. Next press Insert at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Your choice should appear in the correct text box
  12. Notice that this new image has a text box around it. The image can be moved and resized as need.
  13. Adjust the size of the image by clicking on any of the four corners and dragging the box out to make it bigger or “push” it in to make it smaller.
  14. If you don’t find a picture you like, there is one available called Picture Horse Camp on Blackboard.
  15. Follow the same steps (9-13) to resize the picture.


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