17 Overview Week 3

With formatting business letters and memos completed, new techniques will be introduced this week that will enhance the documents, make them more readable, and provide some interest. You will learn about bullets, numbers, symbols, columns and tabulations. The assignments will be getting a bit longer this week.

There is an Information sheet on Column breaks, inserting bullets and changing symbols and making numbered lists. Additionally, the Tabulation Information document will give you the necessary information to come create columns using the TAB key.

There are two assignments. The first assignment includes some new features. You will first download a document and put the text into columns. Additionally, you will be applying bullets to a list and changing the symbol.

The second assignment is rather lengthy. Not only will you be creating a tabulation, but you will be character spacing, changing the line spacing, changing font type and size, applying a shadow effect and much more.

The student will:

  • Create a bulleted list and a numbered list.
  • Apply columns and column breaks to a document
  • Practice using the tabulation feature


Columns, Breaks, Bullets, Symbols, Numbers Information. Learn how to change text to columns and use multiple section breaks in a document. Also these instructions explain how to create, manipulate and remove bullets, symbols and numbers.

Auctions Assignment. This assignment will reinforce columns, breaks, symbols. (24 Points)

Tabulation Information. Tabulations puts lists in neat columns. From this information you will be able to locate the Tab feature, understand and apply left, right, center and decimal tabs, as well as dot leaders.

Travel for a few Dollars a Day Assignment. This assignment is more comprehensive than previous assignments. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Many of the features you have learned from previous lessons plus the addition of tabulations are incorporated in this assignment. (30 points)

Submitting your work:

  1. When completing each task, make sure to save your document to the desktop or your personal storage unit (memory stick, jump or flash drive, etc.)
  2. Click on the underlined word(s) at the top of each assignment. An “email-like” page will display with the number of points possible in the upper left corner.
  3. Find the button, to “Browse My Computer.” Click on that and search for your saved document by searching your storage device.
  4. Once the file name appears on the page, click the Submit Button.
  5. For additional help, please see the EXTRA HELP folder in the CONTENT area called “How to Submit Your Work.”


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