33 Overview Week 5

Congratulations, you are now entering your last week. Following the assignments for the week, there will be a final exam. Please make note when the exam will open. The time and date will be listed on the Blackboard content page.

This week, you will learn about Formatting a Research Paper and completing a Mail Merge.
Almost every college student has to submit some type of research document in one or more classes. This lesson explains how to use headers and footers, footnotes or endnotes, citations and bibliographies. A document is already prepared for this exercise so you won’t have to do a research paper for this class!

Mail Merging is an ideal way to send hundreds of letters to various individuals without having to type each inside address on the letter. To perform a mail merge, you merge a standard word processed document which is called the MAIN document with data of individuals called a DATA SOURCE. You will add your own data file and match it up with a Main document already prepared for you.

The student will:

  • Apply footnotes or endnotes, citations bibliography, page numbers, and footers
  • Complete a mail merge


Tips for Formatting a Reference Paper. This nine page document has helpful information to format any research paper.
Research Paper Assignment. Using a prepared file, you will be instructed how to add footers, citations, bibliography, page numbers, and headers to create a professional looking paper. (25 pts.)

Mail Merge Information. This is a comprehensive document explaining how to use the Mail Merge Wizard. It is necessary to have this document beside you when completing the assignment. Investors Mail Merge Assignment. This assignment follows the Step-by-step instructions from the Mail Merge Information document. Three files will be saved for submission. (20 pts.)

Submitting your work:

  1. When completing each task, make sure to save your document to the desktop or your personal storage unit (memory stick, jump or flash drive, etc.)
  2. Click on the underlined word(s) at the top of each assignment. An “email-like” page will display with the number of points possible in the upper left corner.
  3. Find the button, to “Browse My Computer.” Click on that and search for your saved document by searching your storage device.
  4. Once the file name appears on the page, click the Submit Button.
  5. For additional help, please see the EXTRA HELP folder in the CONTENT area called “How to Submit Your Work.”

PLEASE NOTE: Different instructions for submitting the word for the Mail Merge Assignment are given at the end of that assignment.


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