20 Primary Source Analysis

Module 2: Primary Source Analysis Questions
Read Olaudah Equiano’s description of the Middle Passage and the King of Kongo’s letters
assigned this week. Answer the following questions and complete and coherent sentences.

Answer each part of the questions asked.

1) In his first letter, King Affonso of Kongo addressed the slave trade. How did he hope to
end the slave trade in this letter? How did it change in the second letter?
2) What is the effect of the slave trade for Portugal according to the King?
3) How does the slave trade mentioned in these letters effect Kongo?
4) Google the image “Brookes Slave Ship Plan.” How do this image and Olaudah Equiano’s
description compare?
5) Is it possible that Equiano exaggerated any of his account? Would it be important if he
did? Why or why not?


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