50 10. Journal Entries for Module 4

Journal entries for Module 4: Due by Oct. 11

This is your first module for open journal entries. You will be required to submit six entries for this module. You can write about anything you like, though I would like you to try and write about different things each time. Don’t turn this into a “diary” where you simply rehash the events of the day. If you have a particularly interesting day, then write about it. But vary your topics- write about some current event issues, some concerns you have, some problems with school/work, some dreams/goals. Use this to promote your creative minds.

You can also use entries from the list I provided earlier, if you like. I once had a student who wrote several entries about a grandparent the student had just lost. It became very useful to this student. I will also include a few more topics here if you can’t think of any new ideas. Good luck.


  1. A difficult boss.
  1. Someone I miss.
  1. An important relationship I have with someone from a younger or older generation.
  1. A person I know who has aged gracefully.
  1. A person who has had a significant impact on my life.
  1. Changes I would like to make in the way my family does things.
  1. A group I have belonged to that had a significant effect on me.
  1. An opinion I hold that my relatives would disagree with.
  1. Different roles I play in my life (student, employee, friend, brother or sister, neighbor, etc.).


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