24 9. Rubric for Grading Discussions

Each discussion post is graded according to the following rubric:

4 Excellent (A) The comment is accurate, original, relevant, teaches us something new and is well written. Four-point comments add substantial teaching presence to the course and stimulate additional thought about the issue under discussion.

3 Above Average (B) The comment lacks at least one of the above criteria but is above average in quality. A three-point comment makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the issue being discussed.

2 Average (C) The comment lacks two or three of the required criteria. Comments which are based upon personal opinion or personal experience often fall within this category.

1 Minimal (D) The comment presents little or no new information. However, one-point comments may provide important social presence and contribute to collegial atmosphere. 0 Unacceptable (F) The comment adds no value to the discussion.

You should enter each discussion on a regular basis (at least three different days per discussion). Students entering a discussion for the first time during the last two or three days of a discussion will not receive points.


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