18 3. Using Your Handbook

Although you do not have a textbook for this course, we will be using an online handbook, The Lumen Writing Guide to Writing (https://courses.lumenlearning.com/styleguide/).  In order for you to use the handbook effectively, you need to know what is in the handbook. There is a written assignment below to help you become acquainted with the handbook. Later in the semester, we will be doing quite a few exercises from this online resource.

Who wants to memorize all the rules and regulations controlling the English language? It’s a pretty extensive, complex language with lots of rules and lots of exceptions to the rules. A handbook can help straighten all that out. By using a handbook regularly, you can master some of the writing problems that may have plagued your success with writing for years. And with practice, it can become a simple addition to the writing process.

There are eight chapters. If you look at the table of contents, you will find a list of sub-topics for each chapter, providing you with easy access to necessary information. As you search for information, the resource will also provide you with links to other online sources that can add additional information on the topic you are searching.

Anyway, if that all seems confusing, take a few minutes to look through your handbook. You will find it beneficial as you get into the course and have to use it for homework assignments, for correcting your papers and for helping with the research project.

But for now, try the next activity in the module to familiarize yourself with the handbook.


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