40 7. Journal Writing for Module 3

Journal Writing for Module 3- Due by Sept. 22

This will be the last series of required journal topics. After this, I will give you some options, but you will be able to write about any topic for the day you wish. I will also ask you to write six entries for this module.

For the next six entries, I’d like you to think about your surroundings. As with narrative writing, it is important to incorporate description into your writing. Quite often, we don’t consciously consider our surroundings. We take them for granted. But as a writer, you have to be the eyes and ears of your reader. So you need to be able to describe things around you.

Choose six of the following topics (remember, only one per day) and write a 10-15 minute entry in your journal on your impressions and observations of a setting:

  • Inside a church or hospital
  • A street corner
  • A laundromat
  • Derelicts/street people
  • Taking the bus or subway
  • Irritating commercials
  • A place where I like to spend time
  • My strongest quality
  • Getting older
  • Something that helps me when I’m feeling sick or depressed

Grading summary

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Due date Friday, 22 September 2017, 3:25 PM
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