32 7. Journal Entries: Module 2

Discussion 1 Start: Sept. 2; End: Sept. 9

This discussion exercise is related to this module’s journal writing. As I said, memory is one of the most significant tools a writer has. What I would like you to do is think back to your very first memory and describe what you remember about it. When I was about two or three, I got lost. My parents found me sleeping in a field next to my house. I don’t remember any of it. All I know is from what my parents told me. So that isn’t my first memory. But I do remember one incident while living in this same neighborhood (we moved out when I was four, so I know it had to be before that). I remember my sister and I were playing in our yard when a dog came along and chased us. The clearest image I have is climbing up the slide to get away from him. I don’t remember much else, but that seems to be my first ever memory. Take a few minutes to think about what might be your first memory and briefly describe it. Then, as you read your classmates’ entries, see if they remind you of other experiences you’ve had. This might be a fun little practice in using memory and in getting to know each other a bit. Have fun.


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