21 6. Instructions for Assignment

You may want to print this document out.

This document provides instructions on how to create a written assignment in this course. Be sure you have practiced creating a written assignment in the Tutorial BEFORE you attempt to submit your first graded assignment.

Composing your assignment

Normally, you should compose your response using your word processor or on paper. This will give you the opportunity to revise, proofread, and spell check. When you have completed your answer, return to the assignment document and click the “Create Assignment” button at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions for entering text.

Make sure to read the directions for each assignment carefully for details on required length of your assignment, due dates, and any thing else that may be specific to the assignment.

Ways to move your work to the “Written assignment” form

I will be asking you to send your written essays as attachments.

Work on a word processor, save the file as an .rtf file, then “attach” the assignment as a file using the fields at the bottom of the Written Assignment page. See the

Tutorial for complete instructions on using file attachments.
Submitting your written assignment

Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page to submit your assignment. Before you can submit your assignment, you must select one of the following:

Private save (your professor cannot see your work; use this option if you are not finished; to continue working on your assignment, click the Edit button on the document).

Save for professor (submits your work to the professor; only you and the professor can see your assignment. You will not be able to “Edit” your document).

Save for class (your assignment is public for the entire class to read. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY YOUR PROFESSOR).


The evaluation for your assignment will appear directly under your document. Evaluations are private and can only be read by the student and professor.



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