68 6. Works Cited Format

Formatting details ? arrangement, punctuation and spacing ? are an important part of the formal presentation of academic research, so paying attention to these guidelines may affect the grade of your paper.

· Alphabetize the entire list by the last name of the author, editor, artist or speaker. If no author is given, alphabetize using the first major word of the title. Include AAn, or The, but do not use them when alphabetizing.

· Do not separate items by type (for example, books and articles), unless asked to do so.

· Do not number the items. Begin each item at the left margin. Continue the first line to the right margin, and then indent the other lines five spaces from the left margin.

· Double space the entire list, and do not add extra spaces between items.

· Skip one space after each period, comma and colon.

· End each entry with a period.

Here are a few basic examples: again, your online reference guide has full details on your Works Cited list.

One Author

List the last name first, followed by a comma, and then list the first name followed by a period.

Jones, Carl. Long Ago, When we Were Young.  New York: Random, 2017.

Two or Three Authors

Reverse the name of only the first author if there are more than one.

Baxter, Martha B, and Winston F. Yount. The Evils of Procrastination. Toronto: Addison, 2009.

Same Author for Two or More Works

List the works alphabetically according to the first word of each title. Write the author’s name for only the first work. Use three hyphens and a period in place of the author’s name for the second work. Give all other bibliographical information for each work, even if some of the information is the same.

Warren, Charles. “Keeping Up With the Jones’s.” New York Times. 4 Mar. 2004: A1, A20.

—. “Too Many Obstacles to Face.” New York Times20 Feb. 1996: A 11.


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