20 Real Life Ethical Scenarios

Let’s explore different ethical scenarios and consider the question again, of what would you do?

1. Fast food dilemma:

You are an employee at a fast-food restaurant in charge of the grill. It’s busy today, and a lot of orders are coming in fast. In the process of cooking, you drop a hamburger patty on the floor. Your manager is passing by and says “Just pick it up and serve it.” What would you do?

2. Easy A?

You have a research paper due in a few days for your English class. If you don’t do well in this class, your financial aid will be compromised—you can not afford school otherwise. A friend tells you about a website that creates custom papers for a small fee. You are guaranteed an “A” on the essay, and guaranteed you won’t be caught. What would you do?

3. Too much alcohol:

You are at a party with all of your friends and everyone is having a great time. You notice that one of your underage friends has had too much to drink and is on the verge of passing out. What would you do?

4. Loyalty or honesty?

Your friend tells you in the strictest confidence that she is cheating on her boyfriend. A few months later, her boyfriend asks you straight out: “Is___ cheating on me?” What would you do?

5. Insurance fraud?

Your apartment was burglarized, and many things were stolen, including a television in your living room. That television, however, had been broken down, irreparably, and was worthless—you just haven’t had the time or money to replace it. Luckily you have renter’s insurance to cover your losses. Do you include the television in your insurance claim? What would you do?





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