74 About My Grading Policies

I have had some questions about how I determine the score to award for your work. As noted in an earlier document: The grades on the Written Assignments are awarded on a much stricter rubric than on the Web Assignments, where 100 is widely awarded.

The Written Assignments are usually multi-part and naturally if you are incorrect or just imprecise on any part, this will impact your score. Also, having taught these courses on-line for twenty years, I have seen thousands of student submissions and have a good handle on what constitutes an 85 or a 90 or a 95 (it is very rare that I award a grade above 95 on the Written Assignments). Sometimes, I show you examples of excellent student submissions once the Modules close. The bottom line is that the grading is by nature somewhat subjective. However, I try to give you the best possible outcome within the boundary of your actual submission.

Regarding submitting assignments:

  • To open an assignment, just click on the title.
  • If you want to type your answers directly in, just click Write Submission and type into the area that comes up (the Comments area is actually not where you should type your answers, it is for other comments you might wish to make about the assignment
  • If you want to attach a file, just click on Attach File…..Browse My Computer
  • You can always Save As Draft and come back to the work later
  • No matter how you do it, always click Submit when you are ready to send it in.
  • Original document by Peter Turner licensed CC BY”


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