78 Overview of Module 2

Europe is a distinct region defined chiefly by the culture and cumulative achievements of its people; nevertheless, Europe’s exceptional development record has been influenced in diverse ways by its natural environment, and the region’s leaders are addressing the environmental problems Chapter 4 describes Europe’s landforms, climate regions, hydrogeography, and mineral resources and identifies the broad scale modifications that Europeans have made to their habitat, the environmental crises that have resulted from these changes, and efforts to balance economic development and environmental quality goals. The region’s human geography is examined using the east-versus-west, north-versus-south, and core-periphery models. 

In this Module, I am asking you to do the following:

  • Do 2 Web Assignments.
  • Answer questions from Chapter 4 in a Written Assignment.
  • Take Exam 2.
  • No Discussion in this Module

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