91 Written Assignment: Chapter 6

Use Chapter 6 to help with these questions:

1.  Where are the five main cultural regions of South America?

2. Describe briefly Latin America’s climate regions. Emphasize the effect of latitude and landforms on climate in the region and how people utilize climatic and landform variations in agriculture.

3. Describe Latin America’s rapidly emerging role in the global economy, and contrast that image with the region’s traditional role as supplier of low-value-added natural resources and cheap manufacturing labor.

4. What are the two main physical features of South America? Where are they located?

5. What two main European colonial powers dominated South America?

6. What are the three main export products of Colombia? How is the United States involved in each of them?

7. How vital is tourism in the economic development of Latin America?

8. What three cities make up Brazil’s political capital, cultural capital, and largest city, respectively?

9. What are the causes and consequences of deforestation in the Amazon Basin?

10. How has rural-to-urban shift been evident in the population of Brazil? Where has it been occurring?

11. How does the rain shadow effect apply to both Argentina and Chile?

12. How did Uruguay manage to build up its high standard of living?

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