75 Overview of Module 1

Chapter 1 (particularly Section 1.3 and 1.4) describes and explains the major themes of this course: development and globalization. It addresses the definition of “development” as a characteristic to differentiate world regions. It describes development as a process of change or transition that varies significantly from place to place according to four variable components: people – their numbers, distribution, consumption, production, and technology base; the natural environment – the stage on which the human drama is played; culture – the cumulative beliefs, values, customs, lifestyles, and environment-altering work of people; and history – the temporal pattern of change in a region. Various labels that scholars apply to regions based on degrees of “development” are identified. These four variable components of change and the two major themes permeate the chapters that follow this one and which focus on the various world regions distinguished for the most part by their relative levels of development. 
In this Module you are asked to:
  • Complete the 2 Web Assignments about demography and development.
  • Complete the Written Assignment about the rich helping the poor.
  • Take Exam 1.
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