72 Answers to FAQs

Here are some of the answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Work submitted after the due dates may be graded (at my discretion) but will be subject to penalties.

2. Work can be submitted up to 11:59PM on the due dates, though I probably will not be sitting by my computer watching.

3. You can work on Quizzes, save them, and go back to them to finish. Do not submit until you are totally finished. 

4. You do not see summaries of the Quizzs until after the Module closes. All you see is your score.

5. The grades on the Written Assignments are awarded on a much stricter rubric than on the Web Assignments, where 100 is widely awarded.

6. Ask questions before you submit your work. 

7. Your overall average can be misleading if you have missed assignments. Those zeroes will not be factored into your average until the very end of the course.

8. In any multi-part assignment, put all the parts on one submission please.

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