I want to thank everyone at for making this type of textbook possible. Special thanks go to Michael Boezi, Vanessa Gennarelli, and their entire production team, who all worked hard to bring this book into publication. Recognition is also in order of the many geography colleagues who reviewed some or all of the text. Their input, feedback, and suggestions were important, helpful, and appreciated. They include the following:

  • Victoria Alapo, Metropolitan Community College
  • Greg Atkinson, Tarleton State University
  • Ana Veronica Behn Eschenburg, Yavapai College
  • Juliegh Bookout, Michigan State University
  • Michael Busby, Murray State University
  • Helen Couclelis, UC Santa Barbara
  • Bradley J. Davis, Tarrant County Community Colleges
  • Catherine Doenges, University of Connecticut at Stamford
  • Adrienne Domas Goldsberry, Michigan State University
  • Art Houser, Fort Scott Community College
  • Wilbur Hugli, University of West Florida
  • Michael Lynch, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
  • William Miller, Tarrant County College
  • Peter Muller, University of Miami
  • Douglas Munski, University of North Dakota
  • Paul Phillips, Fort Hays State University
  • Craig Revels, Central Washington University

In assembling this textbook, I am indebted to Dr. Esther Ratajeski for her contribution to the chapters on North America and Russia, and for her editorial support for other parts of the textbook. I would like to extend my deep appreciation to my students who provided feedback on the maps, graphics, and content. My students have provided the greatest inspiration to write and publish this textbook. Geography faculty members at Morehead State University and my colleagues Drs. Jason Holcomb, Gary O’Dell and Verdie Craig have been a pillar of support that has made this effort possible.

An important acknowledgment goes to my closest associate Dr. Rufus Alexander for his unwavering inspiration. Final and special thanks go to Mary Berglee for not only her invaluable personal support but for her vital editorial contribution to this academic work. Thanks to you all.


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