80 Geographic Qualities of Western Europe

Geographic Qualities of Western Europe

I thought it might be helpful if I listed some of the major geographic qualities or features of Western Europe for your perusal. I have not listed these in any order of importance.

1. Europe has enjoyed locational advantages:

a. Europe’s centrality and maritime location gave it the ability to maximize contact with the rest of the world,

b. The North Atlantic Drift (The Gulf Stream) keeps Europe warmer than would be expected at these latitudes.

2. Europe has dominated the planet for centuries: exploration, colonization, imperialism, ecomonic control.

3. The physical environment displays varied topographic, climatic, vegetative, and soil conditions.

a. The European Plain the dominant physiographic region.

4. The industrial fuels and ores are plentiful in certain parts of Europe only.

a. The Ruhr region of Germany and the Midlands of England are two of the best endowed areas.

b. The discovery of North Sea oil has enhanced the resource picture.

5. European economies are productive and efficient.

a. Living standards in many Western European countries are the highest in the world.

6. Europe’s population is urbanized, skilled, educated, and growing slowly.

a. Some European countries are at ZPG or NPG (Negative Population Growth).

7. The infrastructure of Western Europe is highly developed and promotes efficient trade patterns.

a. The “Chunnel” is the latest in a long line of advances.

8. Europe has made great progress toward economic, social, and political unification.

a. The European Union nows appears to be a long term reality, though Britain’s pullout (Brexit) is an ominous sign.

b. Unification has reduced the chances of international war.

9. Some problems persist.

a. Environmental pollution a by-product of industrialization.

b. Many countries face pressure from illegal migration, or guest workers who are no longer needed.

c. Living standards vary considerably and there are pockets of deepening poverty.

d. European economies are facing increased competition from Asia.

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