192 Course Overview

Art History I will introduce you to the world of art from the earliest cave art to the 16th century Renaissance in Italy. Many of us have gone to a gallery or museum and had a very rewarding and enriching experience. But frequently we experience some gaps in our ability to fully understand what art means. 

This class will explore the history of art, and how art has reflected the changes in humankind throughout history.

We will be using the internet with links to websites that will enrich our art experience in new and exciting ways. We will be visiting a virtual museum, referred to as ” A Museum Without Walls”.

The course will involve the following activities:

1. Reading chapters from the online text

2. Class Discussions called Virtual Seminars

3. Individual research in the form of Written Assignments.

4. Tests from Chapter Readings

5. A Museum Project where each student visits a Museum.

Don’t let all the formal requirements above scare you away. The art we will be looking at is extremely thought provoking and interesting.


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