194 Grading_How I Evaluate Your Work in the Class


Your grade in will be evaluated based on the following :

1. Successful completion of written work assigned in each module.            40%

2. Successful participation in on-line discussion topics in each module.     40%

3. Successful completion of Museum Research Project.                                10%

4. Successful completion of tests in a variety of topics related to art           10%                


The points necessary for a grade of A+ = 93 and above

A = 90

A- = 88

B+ = 85

B = 80

B- = 78

C+ = 75

C = 70

C- = 68

D+ = 65

D = 60

D- = 58

F = 55 and below

You will be evaluated in the discussion by two main criteria:

A. The quantity of participation.

B. The quality of your participation. I will let you know early in the course, as to the quality of your participation.

C. See complete explanation of discussion evaluation in supplemental documents. 


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